Ethical Conduct

In the world of communications, you’re only as good as your word. Though I release a lot of different words on here, I promise to always stick to these three.

1) Honesty. If I can’t be honest, then why listen to me. Whether I need to be honest about admitting a mistake or honest in revealing my personal opinion, you can count on me to be truthful in my actions.

2) Accuracy. One of the biggest things I emphasize when releasing information for both the Oregon Pit Crew and through my work leading the philanthropy efforts of the Oregon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi is that everything that leaves our domain is 100% correct to the best of our knowledge. I can’t promise I won’t make mistakes, but I will always make an effort to keep my commitment to accuracy.

3) Personality. I will always be me. I won’t lie – I’m opinionated and I’m passionate. I appreciate cultured and subtle humor, but I’m also a sucker for sarcasm. Every side of me won’t appear in every post, but I won’t hide who I am.

Be truthful, be correct, and be yourself. I promise to follow these rules. My humble advice to anyone would be to try to follow them as well. #DailyWisdomDrop


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