Nike Tries New Approach, Goes Funny for the New FuelBand SE

When you think of Nike, what do you think of? I don’t mean the price tags or the foreign labor or anything like that. Just think of your reaction when you see the Swoosh. It’s all about the wow factor and the cool factor. They usually highlight celebrity athletes working out or performing physically intense activities.

After all, Nike is dedicated to athletic performance. The funniest I’ve ever seen Nike go was a promotional video they made around the first edition of the FuelBand, and they were targeting the college audience anyway. (I may or may not be the chef in this video.)

As somebody who uses a Nike FuelBand and didn’t buy it because of a funny commercial, it was very interesting to see the new FuelBand SE commercials. The commercial features a voiceover with just a close up of the new FuelBand, and the voice sarcastically lists off who the product is not meant for, including people who don’t like cool stuff on their wrists, people who don’t like feeling awesome, and people who don’t like wrists. The list goes on and on before saying that otherwise, it’s for you.

This take is brilliant. I get questions all the time about why I have a FuelBand. I’m not somebody you would envision at a gym or keeping track of how much physical activity I’ve done. However, I love my FuelBand because it keeps me more active. It’s a constant reminder of when I haven’t done enough physical activity in a day. I’m not someone who is incredibly concerned with my daily workout. I don’t even have a daily workout. I am part of this new target audience, though.

Nike is going for people who aren’t obsessed with their workouts but want to stay more active. They’re aiming for those who want to look after their body, but aren’t necessarily out drinking protein shakes or ordering off the “skinny” menus at restaurants. We like commercials that poke fun at workoutaholics. We may want to workout, but we don’t want to take it too seriously.

I’m really proud of Nike for making this move. It doesn’t alienate anyone whose body type doesn’t match those in their normal commercials. By avoiding the human visual element, it brings those of us in who aren’t part of their normal fitness audience. Well done, Nike, well done.


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